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tnctl build

tnctl build

Can be used to package up the terraform module for consumption


Build is used to automatically generate a compatible terraform configuration from a given terraform module. The source for the module can be a local directory, a git repository, s3 bucket or so forth. As long as you have the credentials and required CLI binaries installed.

Generate a terraform configuration a Github repository $ tnctl build

tnctl build SOURCE [OPTIONS] [flags]


      --enable-auto-approval     Automatically approve the configuration
--enable-defaults Indicates any defaults with values from the terraform module are included (default true)
--enable-drift-detection Detect drift in the configuration (default true)
--enable-sensitive Indicates any sensitive variables from the module should be placed into secrets (default true)
-h, --help help for build
--name string The name of the configuration resource (default "test")
--namespace string The namespace for the configuration (default "default")
--provider string Name of the credentials provider to use
--secret string Name of the secret any outputs from the resource are kept
--source string The path to the terraform module (default ".")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   Path to the configuration file (default "HOME/.tnctl.yaml")
--verbose Enable verbose logging


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