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tnctl search

Searches for cloud resources to consume


Searches the sources, determined by the configuration file (tnctl config view) for modules which match the required terms. Once selected the command will generate the Configuration CRD required to use the module as a source.

At present we support using the Terraform registry and GitHub user / organizations as a source for terraform modules.

Note, you can lookup the available providers available to you by selecting the 'check available' option. This option will use the currently configured kubeconfig to list providers available in that cluster.

Add the terraform registry $ tnctl config sources add

Scope the terraform registry searches to a specific namespace $ tnctl config sources add

Adding a GitHub user or organization $ tnctl config sources add

Search for all modules which have the term database using an 'aws' provider

$ tnctl search database -p aws

Write the generated output to a file $ tnctl search -o filename

For private repositories on Github you will need to export your token to the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN. $ export GITHUB_TOKEN=TOKEN

This command assumes credentials have already been setup. For the Terraform registry, nothing is required, but for private repositories on Github your environment must already be setup to git clone the repository.

tnctl search [OPTIONS] [flags]


      --enable-defaults           Indicates any defaults with values from the terraform module are included
-h, --help help for search
--name string Is the name of the resource to create
-o, --output string Optional filename to write the generated configuration (defaults: stdout)
-p, --provider string Limit the search only to modules with the given provider
-s, --source string Limit the scope of the search to a specific source
--source-namespace string The namespace within the source registry to scope the search

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   Path to the configuration file (default "HOME/.tnctl.yaml")
--verbose Enable verbose logging


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