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Setting up workflows

The terranetes-workflows resides at

  1. Clone the repository into the Github organization and update the repository settings to Github Template.
  2. If your organization has a central Checkov policies repository update the POLICY_SOURCE and POLICY_VERSION in the Github workflows, pointing to the repository and tag (tag is optional). If you don't have a central repository, its fine, the security checks will use the default rules.
  3. If you wish to enable Infracost integration, add an organizational secret named ORG_INFRACOST_API_KEY. On pull requests will be comment on the breakdown or the diff in predicted costs.

Current Checks

Bundled in the template is a collection of Github workflows assessing;

  • Checkov Security Rules
  • Code Format
  • Commit messages linting (consistent changelogs)
  • Cost Estimations (Infracost)
  • Module Docs (terraform-docs)
  • Terraform Code Validation

Currently we only support Github actions, though the intention is to replicate the actions for Gitlab and CircleCI.

On the Roadmap

  • Scheduled jobs to re-evaluate the security checks.
  • Automatically raising pull requests when central policy is updated.

Authoring a module

The following walks the iteration of provisioning a new terraform module using workflows.


This is not a terraform tutorial, so for our purposes we will be wrapping an existing module

Create the module

Assuming you have cloned the repository to a Github template in your organization. Create a repository via the UI or the Github CLI

gh repo create appvia/terraform-aws-rds --template appvia/terranetes-workflows

Ensure you've added an appropriate description, as the tnctl search command uses the terms found here to filter on.

gh repo edit appvia/terraform-aws-rds --description "Terraform module used to provision a RDS database"

Alternatively you can replicate via the tnctl workflow create command

tnctl workflow create terraform-aws-rds --template URL

Adding the code

Your are now ready to start adding the terraform code. Open the branch and pull request

git checkout -b feat_adding_code
# add code and commit
gh pr create

Github actions will assess, review and update the pull requests with appropriate comments.

Publish the artifact

By default all tags v[SEMVER] automatically create a Github release and changelog. Assuming the [tnctl search](/terranetes-controller/cli/tnctl_search] is using your Github organization as a source the artifact is now immediately searchable.

For public repositories the Terraform registry offers a nice solution to central point to distribute, view and search for resources. At present you must perform this on a per repository basis. Go to

For private repositories take a look at

Find the artifact

The release should now be available from your Github organization tnctl search rds.