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t2helm is a simple Python utility that converts a Terraform module to a Helm Chart. The Helm Chart contains a Kubernetes Custom Resource understood and managed by one of the following Kubernetes Operators:

  1. Appvia Terraform Controller (default)
  2. Isaaguilar Terraform Operator
  3. OAM Terraform Controller

tf2helm reads a Terraform module from a local or remote path and converts it into a Helm Chart in a specified directory. Terraform variables are read from the module source and written under .Values.required and .Values.optional keys in the Helm values.yaml file, depending on whether they have been assigned values or not.

This gives infrastructure operators, e.g. DevOps or Platform engineers, the flexibility to set sensible default parameters for cloud resources and make them visible and configurable to application developers who may or may not override them afterwards.

Terranetes Diagram


The tf2helm package is published in the Python Package Index, making for easy installation via pip:

pip install tf2helm


$ tf2helm --help
Usage: tf2helm [OPTIONS]

tf2helm converts a Terraform module to a Helm Chart

--tf_module_path TEXT Terraform module local Path e.g.
--tf_module_url TEXT Terraform module URL e.g.
--tf_version TEXT Terraform version.
--git_auth TEXT Git access token or SSH private key to use with a
private repository.
--template TEXT Template to generate the custom resource definition.
(terraform-controller, isaaguilar, oam-terraform-
controller) [default: terraform-controller]
--name TEXT Helm chart name.
--app_version TEXT Helm chart application version.
--output_dir TEXT Path to the Helm chart output directory.
--version Show the version and exit.
--help Show this message and exit.