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Customize Job Template

When a configuration is changed (i.e. for plan, apply or destroy), the controller uses a template to render the final job configuration, taking the options provided on the controller command line, custom policies and the terraform configuration itself. A batch job is created from all the options and ordered to execute the change. You can find the default template for this here.

Overriding the template

While not required in the vast majority of cases this template can be overridden, allowing platform engineers to customize the pipeline. You might want to:

  • Add a notification on failed configuration, or send a notification when a configuration fails policy.
  • Add a new feature into the pipeline such as swapping out the default checkov for another policy engine.

You can change the template by uploading a configmap into the namespace where the controller lives:

# create the template configmap (note the key name of job.yaml)
$ kubectl -n terraform-system create configmap template --from-file=job.yaml=<PATH>

# update the helm values to override the template